CV of Journaliste / Pigiste ou employée à temps partiel , looking for a job of Journaliste généraliste Journaliste spécialisé propriété intellectuelle, innovation, nouvelles tech /

Cv de Pigiste ou employée à temps partiel

I am a seasoned journalist specialised in global policy-making, including public health and intellectual property. I am looking for a staffed or independent position, preferably in Switzerland, or in neighbouring France, the Rhône Alpes or Grand Est regions. I am available immediately.

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Date of last connection: 2019-07-29

Mrs Ca... S...


01210 Versonnex

Current situation:

Current industry: Media

Size of the company: Freelance worker

Current position: Journaliste

Number of years spent at this position: 11 to 15 years

Number of persons you managed: 0

Annual salary: 36000.00 EUR

Total working experience: more than 15 years

Availability: Immediate availability

Job sought:

Positions: Pigiste ou employée à temps partiel , Communication, Recherche documentaire

Industry: Media en ligne , Journal indépendant, Presse traditionnelle

Desired type of contract: open-ended contract, fixed term contract, Fixed-term / casual work, Temporary work, Agent's contract

Desired working time: Part-time, Study-work program, One-day assignments, Seasonal work, Available on Week-ends

Minimum annual salary desired: 36000.00 / 0.00 EUR


Highest educational level completed: number of years studied and completed with a diploma after highschool : -4

Last diploma : Master 1 de journalisme

Current educational level : -4

Other training courses :

Divers :

Geographical mobility: Country : France, Switzerland

Known Tools / Software/ Methods Wordpress - Suite Office - Libre Office - WIX - Prestashop - Da Vinci Resolve - Internet

HGV, LGV, special vehicles licences B

Languages French : Native
English : Working language


Mrs Ca... S...


01210 Versonnex


2018 - Senior UN-Geneva Writer
– Health Policy Watch

on global health policy making, innovation, research and development

2006 – 2019 Senior Writer
- Intellectual Property Watch – Geneva Reporting: on multiple areas of United Nations meetings and negotiations
(UN/World Health Organization/UNITAID/Convention on Biological
Union) as well as other agencies, including the World Trade Organization, Gavi the vaccine Alliance, the Medicines
Patent Pool

o Particular areas of focus: global health, international trade, intellectual property, innovation, research and development, and new technologies
o Management:
of multiple teams of interns
2001 – 2008 -
Local Correspondant - Le Pays Gessien
– Gex (France)

o Reporting
on local events/policies in several formats (briefs, sponsored advertisements, portraits, feature and investigative stories, news stories)

for International Organization

1999 – 2000 - Board
of Appeal Assistant – World Health
– Geneva

o Organisation of meetings, preparation
of appeal files

for non-governmental organisations

2004 – 2006 -
Assistant – 3D-> Trade – Human
– Equitable Economy - Geneva

o Database
management, website editing, research on intellectual property, trade, and human rights
1997 – 1999 -
Admin/Research Assistant

o Inclusion International (France) -
and edition of the quarterly newsletter, creation of a resource database, research on relevant discussions on person
UN reports
o Inter-Réseaux développement
rural (France) - translation and edition of documents relating to rural development in francophone Africa, including agriculture, peasants organisations, and micro-credit.

for the Private Sector

1982 – 1993 -

o Gasflam
Industrie (France) – Setting up and administrative management of an industrial
o GEA Wiegand
– Kestler (France) – Executive secretary to the director general. Editing and translating of technical documents
o Serflam
(France) – General management of office, accounting,
translations, and marketing support.

Non-paid Positions

2011 – 2014 -

o Green Film Festival (Ferney
Voltaire) – Head of Communications, production of press
book for journalists, press briefings, reports, setting up of a communication plan, and management
of feedback from the audience.
o Ferney
Voltaire Lycée International parents association –
Vice-President, and editor of the quarterly newsletter.
1993 – 1996 - Voluntary

o Relocation in the United States
– Voluntary work in an elementary school, in particular the library, extra-curriculum activities
in classroom, International Outreach and chair of the school’s

2012 – Master I Journalism
– Ecole Supérieure de journalisme de Paris

1986 – Cerficate
of Proficiency in English – Cambridge University (UK)

1982 – Associate
(BTS) – Ecole Nationale de Commerce de Paris

Cover letter

Mrs Ca... S...


01210 Versonnex

I am a seasoned journalist specialised in global policy-making, including public health and intellectual property. I am looking for a staffed or independent position, preferably in Switzerland, or in neighbouring France, the Rhône Alpes or Grand Est regions. I am available immediately.

Journalism, everywhere, seems threatened, whether by censorship or because it is constantly challenged by free, unchecked and unreliable, information channels. Good journalism is thus needed more than ever.
A relatively late comer to the profession, my journalistic career is rooted in a strong urge to write and disseminate truthful information, but also in a series of work experiences in different areas, both in French and in English.
a journalist for Intellectual Property Watch I
followed policy debates on a number of issues, including negotiations at the
Convention of Biological Diversity, leading to the Nagoya Protocol, at the
World Health Organization, at the World Intellectual Property Organization, the World Trade Organization, and the FAO,

on global issues, in particular at the United Nations in Geneva requires understanding and analysis of a multiplicity of domains, ranging from human rights, environment and climate change, global health, and trade. For years I followed the role of intellectual property in innovation, and the societal impact of intellectual property rules and enforcement. I am used to translating this information into readily understandable and
interest raising stories for the widest audience possible.

a journalist, I am in daily contact with representatives from governments and
non-governmental organisations, the private sector, scientists, international bodies,
academics, and other journalists. In previous positions, I worked in the
private sector, for non-governmental and governmental organisations, giving me
an in-depth understanding of their inner working.

have a Master’s degree in journalism and have been writing and publishing in both
English and French. I am used to working in different settings, at the local or international level, mostly for small
operations, thus well aware of the need to multitask and the importance of
collaborative work.

Intellectual Property Watch I also coordinated translators for the print and
on-line editions.

ten years of reporting on policy debates I have built up knowledge of the challenges,
political tensions and complexity of international policy making.

Although I chose to write this letter in English, I would be glad to provide it in French as well.

Mrs Ca... S

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